The impact of COVID-19 on children’s vision

One impact of COVID appears to be an acceleration of myopia, or blurry distance vision in children. Two new studies confirm what we are seeing in our practice, that more indoor time and screen time during the pandemic has impacted children’s vision. Studies of over 2,000 kids in Hong Kong, and over 100,000 children in China, showed myopia rates in children more than doubled during the pandemic. Myopia happens when the eye grows too long and significantly increases the risk of serious eye disease during a child’s lifetime. Left untreated, myopia in children usually progresses and is best treated early.

Dr. Lawrence Jacobs
Dr. Lawrence Jacobs, of Highlands Ranch HD Eye Care, says the pandemic created more cases of myopia in children because of increased screen time for school, video games and cell phones.

As the pandemic pushed students to online learning here in the metro Denver area, screen time on computers, phones, and video games increased dramatically. And now we know the rate of childhood myopia did as well. Dr. Jacobs was recently interviewed about the pandemic and its effects on your children by the Highlands Ranch Herald and 9News regarding the rise and treatment of myopia. A misperception many parents have is that their child will tell them if they are having vision issues. In fact, many children don’t realize they have blurry distance vision until they are already fairly myopic. Dr. Jacobs also wrote an article about childhood myopia recently for Colorado Parent Magazine.

Ensure your child is set up for success this school year by booking an eye exam at our office. We specialize in seeing children, and offer several treatments that can slow down or even stop the progression of myopia in children. Your child now has options other than just getting stronger glasses or contact lenses every year.

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