Gone in 40 Seconds… PART 3

Since I last wrote about my laser eye surgery many things have happened. My eyes healed up nicely and I can ski and golf without prescription glasses or contacts. I still choose to wear glasses in the office because of the high visual demands of the computer screen and the dim lights in the exam room. To date it has been a great freedom not to have to wear glasses or contacts all the time.

Now I know what our patients have been experiencing since laser eye surgery began here in 1994. It is truly a great freedom to be able to see without glasses and contacts most of the time.

I use the golf analogy about trying to get to the green on a very long 250 yard shot. Most people know that they’re not going to land right next to the cup so they choose to use two shorter distance shots. For example, a 150 yard shot and then a 100 yard shot to put it very close to the pin, that way they can score better. That’s what I did with my PRK surgery because I had such a long distance or large amount of correction to take care of.

My first laser PRK took care of most of my correction and then I did enhancements on each eye. My left eye was enhanced in September 2014 and my right eye was enhanced in June 2015. Those last two enhancements were those shorter shots to get to the point that I wanted to be. Now my right eye sees distance and my left eye helps me see at the computer distance. Now I can go without my glasses even more often. I still choose to wear my glasses in the office part time to be able to focus in many different distances with accuracy and to see with HD vision.

Having only to wear glasses part-time is a huge freedom since I have been wearing glasses since first grade!!

If you have experienced this type of life-changing, visual freedom please write back and tell me about your experience.

Dr. J