Gone in 40 Seconds… PART 3

Since I last wrote about my laser eye surgery many things have happened. My eyes healed up nicely and I can ski and golf without prescription glasses or contacts. I still choose to wear glasses in the office because of the high visual demands of the computer screen and the dim lights in the exam...
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Gone in 40 Seconds… PART 2

By Dr. Lawrence Jacobs As I sat in the recovery room I was surprised at how well I could see compared to my expectations. My wife picked me up to go home for my drug induced nap. My eyes felt a little scratchy, but no pain that day or the next day. On the third...
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Gone in 40 Seconds… PART 1

By Dr. Lawrence Jacobs In 1994, the FDA approved Lasik and PRK (PhotoRefractive Keratectomy) in the United States. Doctors in Canada were the first to perform these procedures in 1987. I was one of the first doctors in Colorado to assist my patients through their decision, education process, and care after the laser procedure. Patients would ask...
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